Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to Abundant Rain Ministries, Inc.  We want to provide an environment where people feel welcomed, loved, and accepted just as they are. We can offer every person who walks through the door a warm smile, a firm handshake, and a kind word. We have many volunteer opportunities. Please let us know which areas you are interested in participating.

Special Events: Abundant Rain hosts several annual events. Much preparation is involved when we hosts an event. Planners, parking lot attendees, building guides, food preparation and others are needed to make those attending the day-long meeting feel welcome.

New Visitor Administration: Fostering relationships with prospective members of Abundant Rain. Assisting in providing dinners, classes and meetings related to the membership process. Time required: Team meetings and attendance at meetings with new members.

Chef: Help plan menu and schedule for special events Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner and Easter Dinner. Also help plan and prepare meals for Abundant Rain members during time of crisis.

General Office Assistance: Assist with phone calls, newsletters, and emails to parents and youth. The volunteers who answer our phones are our "Ambassadors of hospitality and Problem Solvers." we also need office volunteers to serve during the week to help with general office tasks.

Computer Volunteer: To enter data on books and into our internet site. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, use of scanner and bar codes is helpful. Time required varies.

Receptionist: To help greet visitors, operate telephone system, and direct calls to the appropriate people. They assist with office duties when requested. Shifts available Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Photographer: To help take pictures are used for presentations, internet, newspapers, newsletters, promotional materials and displays. We always need photographers for special events.

Videographer: Taking videos of activities, skits and presentations as well as editing.

General Maintenance: Assisting with repairs and remodeling for building and property maintenance including plumbing, electrical and occasional remodeling painting. We also have a great need for on-going, on-call assistance for parking lot concrete installation. Repairs and improvements to the buildings (inside crew) and to the grounds (outside crew). This ministry saves the church the cost of hiring outside contractors, promotes fellowship and friendship and a personal satisfaction through doing hands-on work. Assistance for Building management skills a plus; knowledge of building maintenance, construction and remodeling.

Librarian: Volunteers are needed in the library to help check out library materials, put circulation cards in returned materials, file books on shelves and assist people looking for materials. Flexible work hours. Skills: Knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System is helpful.

Library Volunteer Catalog: Help with cataloging of books, typing cards for the card catalog, shelf list cards, put covers on books, insert and attach book pockets and cards in books, and display Dewey Decimal Number. Time required varies with the number of new books. Flexible work hours. Skills needed: Typing accuracy, close attention to detail.

Library Correspondence: Volunteers telephone people who have overdue books. Calling is done monthly. The Library needs to have borrowed materials returned so others can use them. Time required: 1 to 2 hours per month.

Performing Arts: Work with others to write, practice and present skits.

Clean Up Crew: Assist in cleaning up by tearing down tables and chairs. Sweeping and mopping floor and helping clean the restrooms in the buildings.

Special Events Coordinator: Oversee and organize a variety of special events throughout the year.

Christmas Toy Drive: Abundant Rain collects toys to be distributed to families during the Christmas season. The collection begins with a festive, family oriented Gift Bagging-Stocking Stuffing Party. Volunteers are needed to setup and coordinate the "package and label" stations.

International Mission Team Planning: Travel as part of a team to one of Abundant Rain's designated mission to around the world. Plans, organizes, and works on hand-on local mission projects. Local Mission team is committed to handle its responsibility with love, understanding and good stewardship.

Local Mission Team Planning: When local mission projects are identified and scheduled, hands-on workers are needed. Work on multiple projects or just one. Projects are supervised by skilled crafts people. Abundant Rain members of all ages and abilities provide the willing spirits and elbow grease to do the manual labor. Time required varies from a morning to all day.

Joseph House Community Food Bank

Reach out into the local community to help provide non-perishable food for local Joseph House Community Food Bank. Monthly food donations are provided. No special skills are needed. Just a willingness to help the hungry in our community.

  • Food Pickup: We need volunteers to help with food pickup during the week from donating merchants. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week. Skills Needed: Driver's license (CDL) (Most food pickups are scheduled Thursday mornings.)
  • Food Packing: We need volunteers to help pack food at Joseph House on Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. (We package food the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Friday's.) Skills Needed: Helping Hands
  • Inbound Distribution: We need volunteers to help transport food to needy families living in Wagoner County. We meet at the Joseph House Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. (We distribute food the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Saturday's of every month.) Time Commitment: 3 hours on Saturday.

Joseph House International Food Relief Program

Everyone is invited to come help package easy-to-assemble dried meals for delivery around the world where survivors of tragic ordeals need free, easy-to-prepare food and other emergency supplies, to handle the crisis situations that have befallen them. Joseph House International Food Relief participants work in an assembly-line fashion mixing, weighing, and bagging a dehydrated flavoring mix consisting of 21 essential vitamins with fortified rice-soy-vegetable products for nutritious meals so that adults and children will not go hungry.