Joseph House International Food Relief Program

Thirteen Million Meals (13,144,640)

JHIFRP is a nonprofit Christian organization committed to feeding children that are hungry in body and spirit. We have a two-fold purpose. We manufacture and distribute manna packs and we network with organizations that distribute hand-packed meals specifically formulated for malnourished children and adults by shipping these meals to our distribution partners.

We rely on our covenant partners to help us pay for shipping from manufacturer's across the United States to our warehouse in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. After products have arrived in Broken Arrow we have a government contract that provides free freight by military airline, or shipping by boat, from USA to country of destination.

From 2013 to 2016 Joseph House International Food Relief Program shipped 2,035,124 pounds of food in 50 Containers.  That is 13,144,640 meals that are valued at $3,284.918.20 

 Year Containers Meals ValueWeight 
 2013 12 Containers 2,852,800 $672,396.00 441,018
 2014 14 Containers 3,617,440 $924,806.40 563,242
 2015 10 Containers 2,773,440 $689,990.60 428,724
 2016 14 Containers 3,900,960 $997,275.20 602,140
 TOTAL 50 Containers 13,144,640 $3,284.918.20 2,035,124

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