ARMI Fellowship of Ministries

It is our desire at Abundant Rain Ministries to help train equip and disciple men and women for the work of ministry.  Abundant Rain is blessed to be a home base to help others vision and dreams become a reality.  It has been suggested that we place the words "Welcome to Boot Camp" over our doors.  Pastor Ron's motto is "Worky, Worky, Worky, Oh I Love My Job!"  Abundant Rain isn't the type of ministry to come in and just sit.  We are an outreach ministry.  Going out into the highways and hedges requires much skill, dedication and perseverance. We minister all over the world and here at home.  We humbly and graciously accept the calling of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  If you're looking for a church pew to sit in and hide on Sunday in mornings crowd you might try a different place. But if your looking for a ministry where you can use your gifts and God given talents than we're the perfect place for you.